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Gift Giving Tips

Corporate Gift Giving Tips

Giving is good. Not only does it make you feel good but it shows others that you care, and helps to strengthen relationships. A well thought out gift or a timely corporate gift basket can be more effective than a full-blown ad campaign. Especially if the gift is memorable or worth talking about!

Goody Baskets realizes that as a business manager you don't typically have a lot of time to devote to employee/client gift purchasing so we're always here to help. So we offer these guidelines to corporate gift giving to help speed things along.

Remember that even though we are in Halifax, we can ship your corporate gift basket anywhere in the world. We even have products especially designed for shipping outside Nova Scotia!

Halifax, Saint John or Kalamazoo?

Whether your clients are in Halifax or Saint John, Nova Scotia or Kalamazoo, sending a gift is an important relationship-building gesture. See our corporate gift basket selection or look below for some guidelines and ideas:
  • Gifts given at key times in the relationship are often even more appreciated than at holidays or traditional times. For example, the signing of a new contract, or a client's promotion or birthday, are occasions that are important to the client - and too rarely recognized by outsiders.
  • If possible, choose a memorable and unique gift! While all gifts are appreciated, one that is different or obviously of unique quality will make an impression that lasts! Some of our most memorable gifts include the Seafarer and Connoisseur found on our corporate gift basket page.
  • Food is always a popular gift. Not sure what to give? A gourmet gift basket is always welcome.
  • Consider the client's or employee's likes and tastes. For wine lovers, a Crystal wine cooler filled with scrumptious goodies will be appreciated for years. (Look here for the Crystal wine gift.)
  • Have different level gifts for different level clients. This is only appropriate since gift giving is part of business. And obviously your biggest or oldest client deserves an acknowledgement different from a smaller, newer, though still of course important, client. There are gift baskets of all sizes, as well as gift totes, and boxes, making the selection an important part of the process.
  • Consult your sales reps who know the client best, and if appropriate, have them personally hand out these gifts. They don't have to dress up like Santa, though that's been done and is definitely memorable! Not everyone has the personality to do this but if they do ....
  • Be aware of company policies on gift receiving and (if appropriate) of international etiquette. And even though someone lives in Halifax, consider whether they are from here - a gift that acknowledges their heritage or the customs of their native land will be appreciated even more.
  • Do not play favorites among employees. Because they work together, employees will be very sensitive if they are treated differently. Especially in a small company or within a small unit of a large corporation this is an important tip.
  • Gift giving is the opportunity to stand out and be remembered for your unique and personal recognition of staff and clients. Giving corporate gifts to valued clients and employees shows them that you know they have helped your businesses - in fact your bank account - to grow! And so it's a way of giving back - just a little.

~ The Goody Baskets team

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